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We spend time and resources for research & development in order to understand the scope of any projects that we work on.


Since we always aim to give improved and better solutions to our clients, we always analyse the area to improve the services and products we deliver


After carefully researched and analysed the scope of the projects, We execute our processes to achieve your expectations with security and usability in mind.
ITIL continuous service improvement by Iniyas

Continuous Improvement

While there are tremendous amount of growth and improvements are happening in the technology, it is important for each organisations to keep their IT Systems up-to-date to meet the latest standard.

We follow ITIL continual service improvement strategy to make sure our clients’ and our systems are being kept up-to-date.

With GDPR coming to effect this year May, most of the organisations will need to make changes on their systems and processes.

Our experts will be always here to help you in order to improve your system by complying with GDPR.

Iniyas Development & Supports

Microsoft Network

We provide you the insights and resources you need to identify new opportunities and grow your business. Being a partner with Microsoft, we adapt the latest technologies available from Microsoft and provide best services for our clients. We help organisations to utilize best out of Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office365 to get more out of less cost.

microsoft partner


Iniyas being a partner with AlienVault USM Anywhere, can safeguard you from threats and attacks by adopting the Unified Security Management for Threat Detection, Incident Response, and Compliance and provide best services for our clients. Whether you want on premise solutions using AlienVault, we can help you to achieve your goals at affordable cost and with less resources

Symantec Security

Cyber threats are becoming more concerning area for most of the organisations. It is very important to make sure the data and the IT systems are secured in order to protect them from being misused.

Being a partner with Symantec, we offer reliable security services for all SMBs. The Symantec cloud services can be order directly through us using our eCommerce portal.

Symantec Partner


Being a partner with Exclaimer, which is a bespoke company in on-premises and cloud-based email signature software and solutions for Office 365, G Suite, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. We are ready to extend our support in Email Signatures, Branding and Disclaimers, Email Auto Responding, Email control & compliance, Email Archiving, Anti-spam, Email Aliases.