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12th March 2019
Security tips_INIYAS

Cyber Security Tips for Business Travellers

When you are sitting in an airport for hours you might want to access the internet to kill your time. In case, you are a business […]
4th February 2019
3d marketing_INIYAS

How 3D is going to change the way you promote your business?

  What made the movie Interstellar more realistic than any other space science movies? I bet you felt as though you were travelling along with Dakota […]
2nd January 2019
Hosted Desktop_INIYAS

Is it worth using hosted desktop service for your business?

Are you a Startup owner or running a small Business? If, No: Skip the article Yes: Are you trying to cut down your running cost? If, […]
14th November 2018
Microsoft kaizala_INIYAS

Why does Microsoft Kaizala exist?

The question of present interest among Office 365 users is “Why does Microsoft Kaizala exist?” Microsoft services are powered by enterprise ready email and collaboration products […]
2nd November 2018
smart branding strategies_INIYAS

Easy to implement Smart Branding Strategies for Small Businesses

You can’t dictate what people think, say or feel about you, but you can make damn sure you influence it. A brand is the set of […]
11th October 2018
Google+ Blog Banner_INIYAS

Who is going to go down after Google Plus?

“Google to shut down the consumer version of Google Plus by the end of August 2019.” The most liked, reacted, shared and retweeted news on the […]
1st October 2018
influencer marketing_iniyas

How to increase sales by 3x using Influencer Marketing?

The secret of Marketing is speaking your audience language in the way they would love to hear. In due course of time, companies have moved from […]
15th September 2018

Best tool to collaborate and communicate with Team members

One of the deep-seated fears of many CEO’s is to create a positive work relationship. The tool every CEO uses for creating positivity among the members […]
24th August 2018

How is Voice search going to change your business by 2020? 

Technology is not changing the world, it’s changing the nature of people lives in the world. At every nook and cranny of the world, people’s lifestyle […]